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Planning your Bar Mitzvah is much like planning a wedding. Planning

starts at least 2 year prior to your date! Parties by Parry is fully aware

of this and is prepared to assist you from beginning to your big day.

Below is our suggested time frame for getting it all done timely using

the expertise of a Party Planner.  This is just not something that you

want to try and do alone. How can Parties by Parry help? Look below

at our planning schedule. As you can see, there is a lot to be done.

Then take a second look and see that all task in red can be expertly

handled by Parties by Parry.  Call us! We can't wait to get started.

Two Years Before Event:
Book Party Planner.
Obtain date from Temple/Synangogue.
Set your budget.
Decide on the type of event you want (day, evening, formal etc.).
Estimate number of guests and
book reception hall or caterer.
Book the photographer/videographer with your Party Planner.

Eighteen Months Before Event:
Book the band or DJ with your Party Planner.
Decide on your party theme/color scheme.

Six to Twelve Months Before Event:
Your child will start learning his/her Torah portion.

Talk to florists about prices and floral designs with your Party Planner.
Decide on centerpieces/balloon designs with your Party Planner.
Start looking at invitation desings and prices with your Party Planner.

Six to Eight Months Before Event:
Book hotel block for out-of-state guests.

Three to Six Months Before Event:
Order or design your sign-in board and guest book with your Party Planner.
Order favors with your Party Planner.
Order yarmulkes with your Party Planner.
Order your invitations with your Party Planner.

Three Months Before Event:
Finalize the guest list.

Make a hotel packet for out-of-towners.
Make appointments with florist/balloonist and place order.
Buy stamps.
Have completely assembled invitations weighed to ensure correct postage.
Find calligrapher.

Six to Eight Weeks Before Event:
Mail the invitations.
Make up a song list for the DJ/band.

One Month Before Event:
Make hair stylist and manicure appointments.
Have final fittings done for clothing.
Arrange catering for brunch with your Party Planner.

Two to Three Weeks Before Event:
Choose people for aliyot and honors.
Choose the people to be honored for the candle lighting ceremony and write poems.

Meet with Party Planner about candle lighting songs.
Do guest seating arrangements and send to your Party Planner.
Order food for Kiddush or Oneg Shabbat with your Party Planner.
Make sure arrangements are complete with centerpieces, balloons, sign-in board etc.

Write prayers or speeches.
Give final instructions for photographer/videographer to Party Planner.

One Week Before Event:
Take formal pictures and pictures on Bimah.

Confirm final guest count with Party Planner.
Make arrangements to get your guests from the airport to the hotel.
Confirm your brunch arrangements.

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